5 Common Misconceptions about Watering Your Lawn

Watering The Lawn

When it comes to gardening, everyone has a different opinion. Your neighbour to the left will tell you something different from your neighbour to the right. How will you know who is right and who is wrong?  Myths and misconceptions about how to water the lawn are common, especially when they are passed down from different sources.

People can be misled about proper landscape management, largely due to passed down misconceptions. In some cases people are confused about how many times to water the lawn, and others about which is the best irrigation system to use.

There are many myths regarding how to go about watering your lawn. Here we have cleared up some of the most common ones.

Misconception #1: Watering schedule should not change

Automatic irrigation systems follow a set schedule for watering the lawn. It is a common myth among people that the same watering schedule should be kept all the times. On the contrary, plants require different amounts of water during different seasons. Some plants require less water during the winter and will die if watered too much.

Misconception #2: The best time to water the lawn is when the sun sets

Watering the lawn in the evening stimulates fungal development. The best time to water the lawn is in the early morning. This allows the grass to absorb the required amount of water and allows the sun to cause the excess to evaporate. This doesn’t mean that you should water you lawn in the afternoon. At its peak, the sun will cause water to evaporate quickly, without reaching the grass roots.

 Misconception #3: No need to water mature trees

When it comes to trees there is often confusion regarding how much water they require. It is important to note that all the trees need periodic deep watering, regardless of their age, length or structure. In the absence of periodic watering, even mature trees cannot survive.

 Misconception #4: The grass is adequately watered if footprints can be left on it

If footprints can be left left on the grass, it is a sign of a draught-stressed lawn. Immediately water your lawn and give it proper attention. Your lawn is in good shape if the grass bounces back after being walked on.

Misconception #5: Frequent watering of the lawn is good

Deep watering of your lawn at regular intervals is much more efficient than shallow watering frequently. The possibility of weed growth increases if you water the lawn every day. Remember, periodic deep watering is the key to having a healthy lawn.

In order to practice proper lawn care, it’s important to distinguish between good and bad gardening procedures. If you have a passion for gardening but have concerns, a trusted expert can easily answer any questions you may have.