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How to Winterize Your Old Lawn Irrigation System

Winter is already striking hard and it is high time to winterize your home and lawn. You may not realize the importance of winterizing your irrigation system when you are from an area that rarely experiences extreme cold weather. But this is an important thing to do to maintain the irrigation system properly. Like any other part of the house, the lawn and irrigation system should be-winterized before the winter sets in. Necessity to winterize Garden irrigation systems are usually made of PVC Read more [...]

5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Putting effort into planning and designing your landscape can pay-off big time later on and add to the resale value of your home. Many property owners emphasize on creating a beautiful lawn and backyard which increases the chances of getting a better price for the property manifolds. An unkempt lawn can be an eyesore which may turn away prospective buyers. This post outlines five tips to help you plan and maintain a landscape that is universally appealing and can attract buyers willing to Read more [...]

Different Components of Standard Sprinkler System and How They Function

Yard sprinkler systems are necessary for growing a healthy garden and maintaining a picturesque landscape. Manually watering the plants from time to time is often not feasible when you have a large lawn to cover and different species of plants which must be watered in specific ways. A sprinkler system can save a lot of time and hassle for the user. But before investing in one, you must understand the basic components and their functions well. This post is a guide to the various components Read more [...]

Best Tips for Energy Efficient Landscaping

Landscaping methods designed to conserve energy are referred to as ‘energy efficient landscaping’. Reducing your energy bills, while transforming your lawn into a natural masterpiece, is the main goal. Tall trees, dense shrubs and bushes and wind blockers, are some practical and cost-efficient ways you can lower the energy consumption of the insulation system in the house. This blog post has some fabulous tips to help you landscape your garden properly, while sufficiently reducing your Read more [...]

5 Benefits of Installing Rain Sensors in Your Garden

When gardening is your passion, a well-equipped irrigation system is a necessity. There are different types of irrigation systems that are designed to work with any garden. Installing rain sensors will ensure that your irrigation system is deactivated during rain and freezing weather. The sensors help in reducing wastage of water, while keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. This post discusses the various benefits associated with installing rain sensors along with your irrigation system. • Read more [...]

Landscaping Tips for a Small Garden Area

A small patch of green outdoors can change the entire demeanour of your home. If you have an eye for detail and are creative enough, you can design unique landscapes even in a small area. Lawns and backyard or patio can be your ideal place for growing a small garden and landscaping it accordingly. Landscaping imparts an organized beauty to the place, making it an ideal place to relax or execute garden parties. This post has some tips which will help you plan the landscaping when you have a Read more [...]

Plants to Avoid When Trying to Grow a Pet-Friendly Garden

Gardening is a hobby that requires extensive knowledge of flora and fauna. There are different types of ornamental plants and flowers which are popular as garden plants. But if you have a four-legged family member in your home, a lot must be done to make your home and garden secure for them. Some garden plants, which are harmless or beneficial to humans, can be poisonous and sometimes fatal to dogs and cats. This post compiles a list of popular garden plants which must be avoided if you have Read more [...]

Best Herbs to Grow in Your Herb Garden (Part 2)

Easy to grow with beneficial properties, herbs can be cultivated in your backyard garden throughout the year. Having your own herb garden will save you a few bucks and trips to the market. Different herbs have beneficial health properties and add flavour to your cuisines. Depending on the climatic condition, the soil type and herbs you need, the garden should be planned accordingly. The following are some exotic and commonly used herbs which can be easily grown in a backyard garden. • Lemon balm It Read more [...]