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5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Putting effort into planning and designing your landscape can pay-off big time later on and add to the resale value of your home. Many property owners emphasize on creating a beautiful lawn and backyard which increases the chances of getting a better price for the property manifolds. An unkempt lawn can be an eyesore which may turn away prospective buyers. This post outlines five tips to help you plan and maintain a landscape that is universally appealing and can attract buyers willing to Read more [...]

Different Components of Standard Sprinkler System and How They Function

Yard sprinkler systems are necessary for growing a healthy garden and maintaining a picturesque landscape. Manually watering the plants from time to time is often not feasible when you have a large lawn to cover and different species of plants which must be watered in specific ways. A sprinkler system can save a lot of time and hassle for the user. But before investing in one, you must understand the basic components and their functions well. This post is a guide to the various components Read more [...]

5 Benefits of Installing Rain Sensors in Your Garden

When gardening is your passion, a well-equipped irrigation system is a necessity. There are different types of irrigation systems that are designed to work with any garden. Installing rain sensors will ensure that your irrigation system is deactivated during rain and freezing weather. The sensors help in reducing wastage of water, while keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. This post discusses the various benefits associated with installing rain sensors along with your irrigation system. • Read more [...]

Different Types of Sprinkler System and Their Uses

Depending on the landscaping and choice of plants, the method of watering can vary. Choosing the right kind of sprinklers and rotors is therefore essential. While a landscaping professional can recommend the best type for your yard, having some basic knowledge of the variety available will help you understand their mechanisms better. There are soakers, drips, rotors and sprinklers systems. They have different mechanisms and purposes. Here is a detailed discussion about their uses. Sprinkler Read more [...]

Taking Care of Your Lawn during a Drought

One of the first things to look for in a lawn suffering from a drought is to see whether your feet leaves an impression in the grass as you walk across it. Lawns which are in dire need of water will fail to spring back once it’s been stepped on. Then there are the obvious visual signals which can help you detect it even from a distance. Thirsty grass looks extremely dry and loses its lustre. It will also gradually change colour from shiny and bright green to a very dull grey-green or blue-green Read more [...]

6 Plants to Beautify Your Winter Garden

Winter doesn’t mean that you’ve to look at only grey twigs, branches and trees in your landscape. There are several options to create a vibrant and colourful yard even during the long cold winter months. If you’re looking for ways to introduce beautiful colours to your winter landscape, here are six plants that you can add to your garden. 1. Jelena Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’) It’s a small deciduous tree best known for its distinctive flowers that bloom from late Read more [...]

4 Pet-Friendly Weed Preventers for Your Lawn

It’s dangerous to apply chemical-based weed preventers to your garden if you have pets at your home. The weed killers are very effective at killing weeds, but their toxic ingredients can also be harmful to pets. According to a study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in 2013, 19 out of 25 samples of dog urine were found to contain dangerous chemicals after pesticides were applied to the lawn. Some experts are of the opinion that the threat is not limited to the application Read more [...]

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Lawn-Care Scams

We are back to that time of the year – where we notice a rise in temperatures; the smell of fresh-cut grass also fills the air. Let’s cut it short. Based on the experiences that were brought to light in 2014, against lawn-care services, we bring to you a few tips on the better maintenance of your lawns. Be Wary, Be Smart Lawn-care providers need to be extra careful, when it comes to dealing with lawn-care customers. We are not necessarily manifesting that all lawn-care companies are in Read more [...]

What 6 Things You Must Never Do to Your Lawn

Is the grass greener on your neighbor’s side? Are you turning pale with worries seeing your turf droop? How can you achieve that opulent lush green look for your lawn? Well, you need not have costly lawn services or high-tech sprinkler systems to do this. A few simple lawn maintenance steps can help you master the art of lawn maintenance and thereby keeping it green. Stop using salt to melt ice: Winters are the worst of times for your lawn. Ice, sleet, snow or freezing rain; every element can Read more [...]

Top 5 Lawn Care Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Lawn care is increasingly becoming one of the most crowded and competitive businesses. Though you may have done tons of marketing and numerous opportunities to get your business going, but you will still need to get your business going both online and offline. All of this information breeds confusion; leading to mistakes. Here are 5 mistakes you will need to avoid when marketing for your lawn care business:- Bad Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is increasingly becoming common with Read more [...]