How to Create a Dog-Friendly Lawn

dog-friendly lawn

Building an outdoor space which is comfortable for both you and your pet is important. Dogs love spending time outdoors. They love playing around in gardens as it’s closer to their natural habitat. Though they don’t mean to be destructive, there are still several ways in which your lawn may suffer. Hence, while designing your lawn, consider your dog’s needs and incorporate a few changes to make it pet-friendly. These simple additions are sure to guarantee everybody has a good time.

Keep them in the yard

Keeping them close ensures their safety. Dogs are curious animals by nature and sooner or later will want to explore their surroundings. It could be in search of fun, food or to look for a partner. Installing a fence around your lawn ensures they remain within your property. Keep the height of your pet in mind as bigger dogs need a higher fence than smaller ones. Be careful of any gaps, especially ones which may be hidden or out of sight. They can be dangerous if your dog manages to escape. Also, make sure that the fence is deep within the ground so your dog cannot get caught between or underneath the boards.

Create a specific bathroom area

Have a designated spot on the lawn and train your dog to urinate and poop in the same spot. It could be a spot hidden behind a line of shrubbery. Covering the area with materials makes it easier to clean it. Small sized pebbles can be used as it’s easy to hose it down and they’re also easy on the dog’s paws. You have to be patient and persistent while training your dog. Hose the area at least once a day and clean it regularly to avoid diseases which may spread from them.

Make a digging zone

Dogs have a tendency to dig. It may be to bury a bone, escape or even to look for a comfy spot. If your dog tends to dig, even after getting ample exercise, it may be searching for a cool place to lie down or might just be looking for water. Hence, make sure you provide ample shade and water for your furry friend while designing your lawn. Also, consider creating a digging zone for them. A kiddie pool full of sand could do the trick. Burying some toys and treats could train them to dig for “treasures” in that specific area of the lawn.

Have a play area and a rest area

Running and playing is something that all pets do, including dogs. For this purpose, it’s important to provide a space which is suitable for their playtime and which will redirect their attention from your plants. Make sure there are enough toys and the area is well equipped to handle their shenanigans. Remember to provide an area they can rest in when they’re tired from playing around. It should be a comfortable and shady area that they can take a nap in.

Make paths

A little bit of landscaping can ensure your pets don’t roam around through your plant beds. Laying the paths between the plant beds improves the look of your lawn while keeping your dog away from them.

Create a pet-friendly atmosphere

It doesn’t matter how well your plants are protected; your dogs will find ways of chewing the leaves on them. However, some plants may be toxic to them and must be avoided at all costs; least something dangerous happens to them. Do your research and learn about the plants which are unsafe for them. Also, refrain from using chemical treatments on any of your plants as they can cause some serious damage to your pet if ingested. Using natural pesticides which is safe for animals is the safest option.

Creating a friendly environment only takes a bit of planning and effort on your part. Keeping these tips in mind will help make your garden enjoyable for you and your pet. Your companion and you are sure to have a safe place and a lovely retreat to spend your lazy afternoons in.