Different Types of Sprinkler System and Their Uses

Different Types of Sprinkler System and Their Uses

Depending on the landscaping and choice of plants, the method of watering can vary. Choosing the right kind of sprinklers and rotors is therefore essential. While a landscaping professional can recommend the best type for your yard, having some basic knowledge of the variety available will help you understand their mechanisms better. There are soakers, drips, rotors and sprinklers systems. They have different mechanisms and purposes. Here is a detailed discussion about their uses.

Sprinkler system for lawns

The rotor type sprinkler head works great for lawns and large open areas. This is a perfect system for watering grass beds. The rotor head rotates and sprays water a considerable distance covering a wide area of the lawn. There are multi-stream rotors and impact sprays which are suitable for this purpose. However, a good quality filter should be installed when you are using multi-stream rotors which are very efficient but tend to clog very easily.

Bubble nozzle for vegetable gardens and large trees

As the name suggests, this type of nozzle creates a bubble around the point it is installed instead of spraying the water outwards. This mechanism floods the ground around it making it ideal for plants which need more water. A pool is created around the shrubs or the tree which slowly descends deep down and helps the roots to absorb the water over time. The water emission is slower than sprinklers and bubble nozzles so it can be left running for longer. They are also called micro-sprayers and can be expanded to cover a 360-degree radius around it and up to 10 meters.

Soaker hoses for gardens

When you have a dense garden to tend to, soaker hoses are the best watering system you can get. These hoses sweat along their length and are suitable for thoroughly watering dense gardens and even individual plants which need more water. They operate similarly to the drip system where water droplets are dripped over the area of the garden. One of the greatest advantages of using soaker hoses is that you can prevent water wastage. However, they are comparatively more vulnerable to blockage but are worth installing if you are able to maintain them well.

Drip system

This is the most water-efficient irrigation system and suitable for various plant types. This system is perfect if your garden has clay soil. Water slowly drips from an overhead device giving the soil time to absorb the water. A positive side-effect is that the process lessens the chances of runoff. There are different types of drippers including bubblers, sprayers, and soakers. It can be customized according to the specific needs of the gardener. However, it is best to let the professionals decide what type of dripper is suitable for which part of the garden.

There are different sprinkler devices and irrigation systems which are categorised under these wide classifications. Consulting a professional or company that provides sprinkler system services is a wise choice to ensure you are getting the best-suited system for your lawn or garden. Having a proper understanding of these systems would also help you to understand the suggestions of the experts better.