How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

If any of your pets have ticks or fleas, then you’ve probably gone through great lengths to control and get rid of them. You may have washed everything in sight and vacuumed your house from top to bottom in the effort to get rid of those blood-sucking parasites. However, there is another step you must take to ensure your efforts are useful.

get rid of fleas in your yard

Most people tend to forget that their pets also spend a good portion of their time in the yard. Even if you’ve treated them for the fleas, the problem might persist as the fleas will still have access to your home. Remember that fleas can live in your blood just as they can live on your pet’s blood. So, it’s important to give appropriate attention to bring the flea infestation in your yard under control and gradually eradicate it completely. Here are 3 effective ways of getting rid of the pests once and for all.

Flood the yard

Flea eggs and larvae cannot survive a flood. Hence, this is possibly the easiest way to end their life cycle. The water also washes away any faeces which the adult fleas may have left behind, which will decrease their chances of survival to none.

Flooding the yard won’t be required when the monsoon season hits as nature will take care of the problem for you. But if the weather is sunny and dry, you must cut the grass, remove all debris and then flood the lawn. This must be done often as it will prevent the fleas from breeding. Ensure you flood the entire area, especially around fences, trees, the doghouse and any garden furniture. All the grass must be mildly flooded to ensure every flea egg and flea larvae are completely covered with water.

Spray insecticides

Always get environmentally friendly pesticides if you plan to use them to get rid of the flea infestation in your yard. Follow the instructions provided to the letter and avoid spraying areas near ponds, lakes or any other location which could poison the water.

Also, protect yourself with protective clothing and a dust mask. Make sure you remove all toys or any other things which may be in contact with your pets or children, before you start spraying your yard. Safety comes first. Make sure no one, especially your pets and children; enter the yard after you apply the insecticide.

Use cedar chips

Using cedar chips is a natural way of keeping fleas out of your yard. All you need to do is spread the wood chips all over your yard, as fleas hate their smell and run away from them. Placing wood chips along the outer fences will also prevent new fleas from entering your yard.

If you don’t have time to arrange a carefully administered attack to get rid of the infestation or everything you try fails, call a professional pest control expert to get rid of them completely. They are effective and highly experienced when dealing with problems like this.