Green Landscaping – Preparing for a Better Tomorrow

Green landscaping, commonly known as eco-landscaping or sustainable landscaping is the latest method of designing, maintaining and creating better gardens and lawns. It emphasizes water conservation, selection of the right kind of plants and usage of fewer resources.

Green landscaping

Fewer Resources

One of the simplest ways of turning your lawn lush green is planting native grasses. These seeds will sustain better, even without pesticides and fertilizers due to it being adapted for the environment it’s in. Doing this will grant you an eco-friendly lawn with the minimum amount of resources.

If in doubt you can always refer to a map by Nature’s Finest Seed which tells you about grass seeds that work best in your climate zone.

Proper Irrigation

Consistent watering once a day is the key to better-looking plants, as is when they are watered. Plants benefit most if they are watered in the morning. Watering in the afternoon or at night is bad for your plants and can cause more damage than benefit because of mold.

Better Gardening Tools

Green gardening equipment is increasingly replacing traditional equipment. Motor-free mowers, solar powered mowers, hand tools and electric powered weed eaters and trimmers have reduced eco-footprints.


Mulch keeps weeds away and preserves moisture in the roots. Made from coconut fibers; used paper or bark and recycled tires, this natural mulch decomposes to enrich the soil. It just needs to be replaced once every few years.

Controlling Fuel Emissions

Emissions from snow blowers, lawn mowers, leaf vacuums, chain saws and other equipment have been found to be major sources of pollution.  The first step should be avoiding gasoline machines and switching to electrical alternatives. If you can, switch to manual push mowers and hand tools as these are the eco-friendliest.

Waste Not

Reduce the amount of solid waste in your lawn. Instead of throwing away waste like leaves and twigs, create compost out of it. It’s more fertile and beneficial for your garden.

A well-maintained lawn is a beautiful addition to any home. However, a well-maintained environment is a requirement for all of us. Thanks to advances in irrigation and scaping, there’s no reason you can’t have both.