Landscaping Tips for a Small Garden Area

A small patch of green outdoors can change the entire demeanour of your home. If you have an eye for detail and are creative enough, you can design unique landscapes even in a small area. Lawns and backyard or patio can be your ideal place for growing a small garden and landscaping it accordingly. Landscaping imparts an organized beauty to the place, making it an ideal place to relax or execute garden parties.

Landscaping Tips for a Small Garden Area

This post has some tips which will help you plan the landscaping when you have a very limited space to work with.

• Making the most of the colours

Plant brightly coloured flowering plants and shrubs at the front area of the garden patch. This is likely to grab the attention of the visitors and the rest of the landscape will seem to recede making the garden patch look larger than it is. Bulbs like crocuses, tulips and alliums bloom from spring to summer. Late flowering perennials like echinacea, aster, Japanese anemones grows till the first frost. Flowering shrubs like wintersweet and Christmas box are ideal for the winter months. Choose a combination of seasonal plants such that you will have colours in your garden throughout the year.

• Vertical set-ups

When you have limited space to work with, opt for vertical design ideas. You can build a vertical planter at one corner of the garden. This way you can have variety of potted plants at the same spot. Juxtaposition of various different vertical set-up can give your garden a unique twist, and help you plant various types of plants in a small area. Another quirky vertical set-up is re-purposing a pallet by attaching small pots of low-growing herbs to it. A wooden ladder too, can be re-purposed in the same way to grow variety of small plants and veggies in a limited garden area.

• Foliage and texture

A cluster of tropical plants create a lush ambience, adding dimensions to a backyard garden in particular. Such plants are easy growing and low maintenance and thrive under minimal care. Petal-less plants, ghost brambles, hostas, dwarf oakleaf hydrangea are some green plants that thrive in shade as well and have various sizes of leaves and density. A cluster of these plants create a texture within your garden patch and the unusual shapes of the leaves create several strata or layers that make the area appear larger.

• Appeal the senses

When the space is limited and you are not able to execute the best landscaping ideas you have, create a garden that appeals the olfactory in particular. This way you can divert the visitor’s focus from the limitations of the garden due to space shortage. Flowering plants like Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle, Lycgnis coronaria, purple cranesbill, lavender all have a strong scent. Herb plants like lemongrass, rosemary, oregano imparts a spicy scent to the air. Together the combination of different scents adds to the attraction of your garden, distracting visitors from the visuals.

Landscaping small garden areas focus on creating layers and illusions with variety in colours so the area appears larger. It is also about making the most of the place without cluttering and diminishing its aesthetics. At Green Valley Irrigation, we offer customized landscaping services for any type of garden, irrespective of the area or the size of the green patch.