No More Woes: Save Your Lawn from Sprinkler Leaks

Sprinklers are the modern solutions to every homeowner’s lawn watering woes.

Oh, how insane it feels when we wake up to a freshly watered lawn (with happiness obviously). Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling when that one perfect thing just outside the porch demands absolutely nothing, and just happens on its own? How elated are we when the neighbors are as green as our lawn? The air of pride seems to flow both in and around us.

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But this might prove to be a really short-lived juncture if the sprinklers stop functioning properly. In absolutely the blink of an eyelash the oh-so-perfect dream can turn into your most dreaded nightmare. What do we do? Well, we look for sprinkler leaks, because if the sprinkler is working fine, it definitely has to be the uncanny work of a leak.

How Do You Identify Water Sprinkler Leaks?

Most sections of a water sprinkler use almost the same amount of water except for the very small sections. In case you are the owner of a sprinkler system with 3 sections and consisting of an emitter tube for drip irrigation, these measures will help you sort out all minor issues with sprinkler system leaks:-

Look into the water meter for the property; clean the face of the meter and get to a point where you can watch the meter move.

Ensure all water devices are switched off during the test and that they do not come back on. In case you own a controller that has a test sequence, set it for 1 minute. If not, have someone operate it at 1 minute per section.

Ask someone to turn it on while you are positioned to watch this meter.

Once started watch the meter, this is not very scientific, but after all you are looking to create a difference in the trend.

You should be able to recognize when the watering is changing from one zone to the next as the water meter stops.

In most cases the meter runs briefly very fast and then slows down.

Now compare the gallons used in every section and the speed by which they were used.

Once you have located the section that does not show the same trend, you have then found your problem zone.

Now just run these sections that appear funny head by head to find larger quantities of water.

What If The Leak Is Underground?

Observe the lawn soon after the cycle is complete. Look for areas which show a lot more greenery than the water lines or have signs of pooling water.

Dig small amounts of soil and grass from the puddle area. Use a shovel for the task of removing the soil, taking care that you do not create a larger leak in this act.

Thereafter, remove soil from under the cracked waterline to about 2 inches deep and there is your underground leak.

What If My Sprinkler Leaks Even When The System Is Turned Off?

There can be two reasons for sprinkler leaks even when the system is turned off.
The first reason is Low Head Drainage, water drains from the lateral piping and then out of the sprinkler.

Another reason behind it can be water leaking through the zone valve, caused by debris stuck in the diaphragm of the valves.

We have generated every possible reason and solution to the problems that can have your lawn wrecked. Proper steps taken one at a time can definitely enhance your lawn sprinkler experience. But in case you still cannot probe, we suggest you get in touch with a professional lawn care company immediately to save your pampered lawn.