Top 5 Lawn Care Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Lawn care is increasingly becoming one of the most crowded and competitive businesses. Though you may have done tons of marketing and numerous opportunities to get your business going, but you will still need to get your business going both online and offline. All of this information breeds confusion; leading to mistakes. Here are 5 mistakes you will need to avoid when marketing for your lawn care business:-

Bad Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is increasingly becoming common with small business marketing; though, till date, it is misunderstood by a number of people. In recent times we have seen far too many social media copies that failed to generate the effect, owing to their lack of proper marketing skills. Though by social media marketing we are not talking about a ‘1000 likes’, the channels can definitely be used to enhance communication with more and more customers.

No Mailing List

The benefits of emailing your customers are numerous. Emails inspire a new standard of customer service. An email-based marketing plan helps save you both stress and time, during the day. Remember it is all about timely and effective communications. Also try making it useful, interesting, personal and anecdotal for you’re the readers, who might become your customers.

A Neglected Website

Lawn care companies are not as technology friendly as they ought to be. In fact, a recent survey stated that out of 200 lawn care companies, 80% lacked the 4 out of 5 crucial aspects to success. If only your company can master these 5 aspects of success, they might be miles ahead in competition. The basic features of any such website are: mobile optimization, a clear call to action function and a clean design. Together, these three form the utmost criteria of getting conversions.

Not Gathering Customer Feedback

Good customer service is always an indication of great approach to marketing. Going beyond common courtesy and reliability is one way of doing it, but that really does not mean it’s a difficult job to do. There is a simple way to get out of this though. Just keep in regular touch with your customers. Regular surveys of satisfaction can greatly improve customer retention as well as word of mouth referrals.

Ignoring Agronomics and Specific Knowledge

Clint Waltz, Turfgrass Extension Specialist at The University of Georgia, says “poor agronomic knowledge is a big problem.” You must remain technologically sound and updated to deliver greater satisfaction to your customers. Though this does not fall usually under the specific marketing plan, most companies stop updating themselves about their niche after a few days. That current knowledge with occasional brush-ups will be enough, is a wrong attitude.

In the world of constant and cluttered information, if yours is a company with clear voice and copious professionalism, it will definitely stand out. Proper marketing communication devoid of these mistakes stated above, might actually help you scale heights that you had never imagined of earlier.