5 Key Advantages of Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Micro sprinkler irrigation systems are a modern way to water lawns and gardens, where water is delivered slowly and gradually. It is typically distributed in the form of streams, continuous drops, or discreet droplets.

This style of irrigation system is popular for its water efficiency and low cost. Micro sprinkler irrigation system heads can be adjusted to the width of the area they spray, with 3 to 10 feet being the most common. You may also adjust the spray pattern to accommodate different diameters, such as a full or semi-circle. And you can choose from different sprinkler heads such as spray, stream, misters and bubbler sprinkler nozzles.

As homeowners search for better methods to irrigate their lawns and gardens while conserving water, micro sprinkler irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular.

In this post, we highlight the advantages of micro sprinkler irrigation systems to help you determine whether they are the right option for your garden.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Be Aware of These Advantages

Here is a brief look at micro sprinkler irrigation system advantages to help you make an informed decision for your lawn or garden.

1. They Reduce Water Use

One of the main reasons homeowners invest in these irrigation systems is to save water. It applies the right amount of moisture to the root zones of plants. Also, the way it waters ensures that no water is wasted through evaporation, overspray, or runoff. This makes it one of the most efficient systems for watering your garden. For instance, when using a spray system, only some of the water is distributed to the plants, and much of it evaporates before it even hits the ground. This is highly inefficient.

2. They Diminish Weed Growth

Since a micro sprinkler irrigation system waters plant roots directly, it reduces the chance of weed growth as the mulch and soil between plants receive far less water. This goes a long way towards reducing weeds, as there isn’t enough water for them to thrive. When the irrigation system is coupled with pre-plant soil fumigation and plastic mulch, weeds can be effectively controlled. This also reduces the need to use herbicides to kill the weeds. So, there is no risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. Moreover, the low volume of water and its limited wetting pattern mean that herbicide (if any is used) does not reach many of the plants and trees in your lawn or garden.

Reduce Weed Growth

3. They Mitigate the Need for Additional Resources

With micro sprinkler irrigation systems being as water-efficient as they are, they go a long way towards cutting down on the labour required to maintain your garden. This is because they can be installed using a pipe and tube mechanism, which can also be automated. This results in the healthier and faster growth of plants watered using this system. Moreover, there are various sprinkler sizes available, ensuring you can find something that is perfect for different types of plants in your climate.

4. They Prevent Erosion and Runoff

Erosion and runoff are important issues that gardeners face. When some of the soil is eroded or worn away and transported by natural forces such as wind or water, it is called erosion. In such cases, the soil is deposited in nearby bodies of water. On the other hand, when the water is not absorbed into the soil and flows into a body of water or drain, this is termed runoff. This type of water also often carries phosphates, pesticides, sediment, and fertilizers.

With a garden micro sprinkler system, you can reduce both soil erosion and runoff to maintain the integrity of your water supply and soil. This is possible as you can set your watering schedule to ensure the right amount of water is delivered to your plants.

5. They Control the Spread of Diseases

Believe it or not, but micro sprinkler irrigation prevents the spread of diseases. This is because it delivers water directly to the roots of plants instead of spraying it into the air. When water is sprayed, it comes into contact with the leaves and other parts of the plant. This can result in diseases being transmitted through contact with contaminated parts of the plant. Moreover, this irrigation system also reduces leaf wetness, which further reduces the risk of disease being transmitted.

If you are looking for more information on how you can benefit from a micro sprinkler irrigation system, read this blog.


These are some micro sprinkler irrigation system advantages that you should know about to make an informed decision for your lawn or garden. Both are huge investments, and it is vital to do everything you can to protect them. By choosing the right irrigation system, you will conserve water and ensure your lawn or garden looks lush and green, regardless of the variety of plants or trees. If you don’t have a micro sprinkler irrigation system, it is definitely worth a try.