How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Lawn-Care Scams

We are back to that time of the year – where we notice a rise in temperatures; the smell of fresh-cut grass also fills the air. Let’s cut it short. Based on the experiences that were brought to light in 2014, against lawn-care services, we bring to you a few tips on the better maintenance of your lawns.

Be Wary, Be Smart

Lawn-care providers need to be extra careful, when it comes to dealing with lawn-care customers. We are not necessarily manifesting that all lawn-care companies are in the market are scam champs. What we mean is, a little more awareness in the part of the lawn-owners can help mend scams in the future.

A little research goes a long way in helping you find the right lawn-care business for your home. It is equally important to take the same amount of care when you are looking to find the right business to perform for your lawn; as it is when you are planning to remodel. It is of special interest to not solicit firms that go lawn to lawn (we mean door to door). More than often, it results in incomplete work or a very shoddy business.

Ask Around

Before and after lawn mowing season, attractive brochures heralding heavy discounts for lawn-care providers pop up in the doors of homeowners or they fill in your mailboxes. You might also stylish business cards swarming in. However, beware that this is no guarantee, that the work done by the provider will be top class and scientific.

A better way to get this review is by asking your friends and acquaintances about their experiences on the many lawn-care companies around. Check on the tools and technologies the lawn-care company works with. Find out how happy customers they have.

Ask Questions

In case, you find yourself working with a door-to-door soliciting business, be sure to ask them these four questions:-

How long are you in this business?

If a business has been around for more than 10 years, there are high chances of its reliability. A lawn-care provider which has been around for just a month might be suspicious, as the provider may actually be engaged in a ‘fly-by-night’ scam.

Are you insured?

The bare minimum requirement of a lawn-care provider, that you do business with, should be to carry general liability insurance which shall apply perchance anything goes wrong with your property.

How does the lawn-care contract work?

Before the lawn-care professionals’ cut even one blade of grass and before you pay even one penny for the same, you and the provider need to have made a signed, written contract of the entire plan. Details must include descriptions of the work to be done, the time table, the cost break-up and payment terms.

Is your company a member of the professional lawn-care group?

Any association of landscape professionals will suggest you a lawn-care company that is accredited, licensed or certified by a local, state or national association. This association points out that some laws require the providers to be licensed, and it is important to make a detailed inquiry about the same. An accredited company will definitely serve you better.

Failure to do the homework, could lead you to having a cheapjack job, and that too, with a lot of dollars being ripped out of your pockets. In fact, if the contractor leaves mid way, you find your lawn in a mess.