10 Amazing Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn makes your yard look neat and clean. A well-maintained lawn also contributes to your family’s well-being, the cleanliness of your surroundings, and comes with a number of environmental, social and health benefits. This blog discusses the most remarkable benefits of a well-kept lawn.


What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Lawn?

1. Cleans the air: Excessive carbon dioxide increases air temperatures and affects the environment. Grass absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and carbon. Human beings require oxygen to survive. Well-maintained grass also traps dust. Because of this, less dust blows which helps keep your home and surroundings clean.

2. Slows water runoff: When it rains, soil, gravel and mulch get washed away, creating holes, divots and ruts. All that water and material needs to go somewhere. And, indeed, it clogs storm drains which causes flooding on streets and even in basements. This flooding eventually passes to lakes and creeks. A healthy lawn traps stormwater runoff, allowing time for water to seep back into the groundwater system.

3. Improves soil structure: When soil is compacted, it does not let much water sink in, so groundwater resources do not get replenished if it rains. This can be a problem if you live in an area that gets much of its drinking water from precipitation. Well-kept grass loosens and opens soil, creating pores through which water can soak in more easily.

4. Controls erosion: Green grass, mainly turf grass, keeps soil in place. It is far more cost effective than other options and controls soil erosion which adversely affects the environment and makes your lawn look drab. So, if you want to prevent soil erosion and enhance the look of your lawn, maintain long and healthy grass.

5. Boosts air quality: If your yard is filled with lush grass with no bald spots and few weeds, it automatically improves air quality. Well-maintained lawns trap pollen and dust particles which makes breathing easier. Thick, healthy grass also helps get rid of weeds, so be sure to water, feed and mow your grass properly to keep weeds away.

6. Cuts home cooling costs: Green grass combats heat from the sun and keeps our living spaces cool through evaporation. A robust lawn acts as a buffer against high temperatures and decreases the reflectivity of sunlight, thus reducing your cooling costs. Be sure to plant shade trees to keep direct sunlight away from your walls, furniture, windows and roof. If you want to spend less on your home cooling system, keep your lawn healthy.

7. Enhances curb appeal: A beautifully maintained lawn boosts the look of your landscape and adds significant value to your property. Many people love homes surrounded by lush greens, so expect to sell your home at a great price if your lawn is well maintained.

8. Improves physical and mental health: A healthy lawn wards off unwanted insects and hazardous pests. It also reduces the amount of pollen in the air, so your family is less likely to fall ill if you care for your lawn. We tend to feel better as well if we have lush greens to look at every day. You can also play on your green lawn to soothe your senses and stay fit.

9. Reduces the risk of fire: Green grass acts as a barrier to fire. The wet environment of a healthy lawn and flame-resistant dry weeds can keep your home safe from fire. So, if you want to protect your home from fire, maintain your lawn.

10. Controls noise pollution: Lawns and yards decrease noise pollution because they absorb noise instead of amplifying or reflecting it. If you have noisy neighbours, maintain your lawn well as it will reduce noise pollution and create a more peaceful mood inside your home.

A healthy lawn enhances the overall value of your home and improves your health.  As it comes with several benefits (as mentioned above) and no drawbacks, consider preparing a lawn care routine and follow it.   For exceptional lawn maintenance, get in touch with a good lawn care service provider. Keep your lawn green and healthy to improve your life and those you hold near and dear.