Residential or Commercial Irrigation: Which Works for You?

Are you looking for commercial irrigation contractors in Brampton? How about residential irrigation? Green Valley Irrigation provides both kinds of services to Brampton, Toronto, and nearby areas. But a popular question that we are often asked is ‘What is the difference between residential and commercial irrigation services and systems?’ Here, we outline the key differences so you can decide which system and services make sense for your property. Differences Between Residential and Commercial Irrigation Services The main task of your irrigation system is to keep your garden, lawn, or landscape not only alive but thriving. Many people think, naturally, that... Read more

How to winterize your irrigation system to protect it from freezing.

Are you looking for a backyard sprinkler system in Brampton? Probably not right now, what with the chill of winter arriving in Canada soon. But spring will be here soon enough. So, if you want to prepare your backyard or front lawn for the spring, one of the most important tasks you need to do is install a sprinkler system. Indeed, one of the most important ways to have a healthy lawn is via an irrigation system. In this post, you will find out why winter is a good time for sprinkler system installation and how to make your existing... Read more

Sprinkler System or Drip Irrigation: Which Is Best?

Are you struggling to choose the best lawn sprinkler controller in Toronto? There are many options for watering your garden and lawn, from hand watering to using lawn sprinklers or installing a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation and sprinkler systems are two of the most popular landscaping watering systems. Therefore, to select the best one, you first need to research them in-depth to determine which is best for your landscaping needs. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you! This post can help you understand the differences and guide you to select the best option.   What Is A Drip Irrigation... Read more

Use a Lawn Sprinkler Controller to Take Care of Your Property

Across Ontario, homeowners are using Ai-powered security systems, doorbells, and thermostats to make their lives simpler. That includes using lawn sprinkler controllers to give themselves a taste of modern living. Using lawn sprinkler systems in Toronto for irrigation help create a beautiful lush lawn. This smart system uses built-in controllers and sensors to take care of your property remotely. Here, we explain what lawn sprinkler controllers do and how they benefit your property. What is a Lawn Sprinkler Controller? By scheduling times for your sprinkler through a smartphone app, you can decide when and how long water will be sprayed. Sometimes,... Read more

How to Choose the Best Garden Sprinkler System

Any homeowner will tell you that gardens are as different as their gardeners. That’s why one type of garden sprinkler system will not be a good fit for every garden. For your garden to thrive, it is important to pick the right kind. Here, we explore your options and how they are best used. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Garden or Lawn Sprinkler Service One of the biggest challenges of gardening is efficient watering. It is important to get the right amount of water to your plants and grass and to use water economically. To pick a water system... Read more

How to Repair Your Lawn Sprinkler System (6 Simple Steps)

Our lawns need to be watered regularly, and, for that, we depend on our sprinkler systems. There are many advantages to sprinklers, but their parts can be easily damaged or worn out over time. Problems like water leaks, a lack of spray, and low water pressure, among others, indicate that your lawn sprinkler is in need of repair. But you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get it working again. Try these 11 simple steps to repair your own lawn sprinkler system. Repairing Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System Sprinkler systems can be easily damaged, but are also (sometimes... Read more

Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re watering your lawn or farming, it’s important to use water efficiently. That’s why micro-sprinkler irrigation has become so popular. With this system, crops get the water they need when they need it. Among different types of sprinkler irrigation systems, micro-sprinkler irrigation is the right tool for the job. Compared to drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation is perceived as a less capable or efficient method. However, this system is a smart and efficient way to disperse high volumes of water efficiently.   Features of Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation Systems This low-pressure system, which uses medium to low irrigation volumes, is suitable for... Read more

How to Water Your Lawn Effectively (10 Tips)

The secret to maintaining a thriving lawn is thorough watering. On average most lawns need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green. But over-watering not only wastes water but makes it more susceptible to insect damage. Reducing water waste is one of the major reasons to consider perfecting your watering techniques. But how? A garden irrigation system helps you water your lawn efficiently and is a much better solution than toiling away in the sun. Its added benefits include preserving soil nutrients, preventing uneven watering, and its economical and environmental sustainability. 10 Useful... Read more

7 Tips to Maintaining Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Maintaining your lawn sprinkler system reduces water waste, prolongs the life of the equipment, and keeps your lawn healthy. But the procedures you should be following to do just that (and how often) depends on your system. It's not easy to quickly detect leaks and internal damage in sprinklers by viewing them from the outside. Following a maintenance regime helps determine whether the components of your sprinkler are working properly to reduce wastage of water. A Simple Guide to Maintain Your Lawn Sprinkler System Here are some tips to ensure your irrigation system is in good shape. 1. Open, Inspect,... Read more

4 Simple Soil Tests to Determine Your Garden’s Health

We all want a healthy lawn, but do you think about the health of the soil in your lawn? A lush and green lawn requires nutrient dense soil, so it's best to understand which nutrients are present and which aren't. By educating yourself about soil composition, drainage, acidity and overall soil health, you can avoid the unsatisfactory results that come with unsuitable soil. This blog outlines four simple lawn soil testing methods that are ideally conducted during your garden's most active growing period, in spring. Try them in different spots to get the best overall picture of your lawn's health.... Read more