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Why Hiring a Garden Sprinkler Installation Company Is Best

When landscaping your home, one vital decision you need to make is whether to install a sprinkler system in your garden. But this is not a DIY task. Instead, it is best to hire an expert. Green Valley Irrigation is Toronto’s leading garden sprinkler system installation company. We are committed to offer top-quality irrigation services for both commercial and residential spaces. In this post, we discuss the benefits of installing high-quality but affordable garden sprinkler systems. Let’s get started.   Advantages of Garden Sprinkler System Installation in Toronto Watering your garden well can be time-consuming and not necessarily comfortable in... Read more

How Does a Water Sprinkler System Work? (Simple Guide)

Using a sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water your lawn. It works like rainfall, with water flowing through a system of pipes. It is then separated through sprinklers to split it up into tiny water droplets. Spray heads at the sprinkler terminals distribute the water from the pipe over the entire surface of the lawn. If you have a lawn, knowing how your sprinkler system works becomes part of regular home maintenance. These sprinklers are suitable for landscaped gardens and lawns, and provide proper coverage for small to large blocks of land. However, before you get in... Read more

How to winterize your irrigation system to protect it from freezing.

Are you looking for a backyard sprinkler system in Brampton? Probably not right now, what with the chill of winter arriving in Canada soon. But spring will be here soon enough. So, if you want to prepare your backyard or front lawn for the spring, one of the most important tasks you need to do is install a sprinkler system. Indeed, one of the most important ways to have a healthy lawn is via an irrigation system. In this post, you will find out why winter is a good time for sprinkler system installation and how to make your existing... Read more

Sprinkler System or Drip Irrigation: Which Is Best?

Are you struggling to choose the best lawn sprinkler controller in Toronto? There are many options for watering your garden and lawn, from hand watering to using lawn sprinklers or installing a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation and sprinkler systems are two of the most popular landscaping watering systems. Therefore, to select the best one, you first need to research them in-depth to determine which is best for your landscaping needs. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you! This post can help you understand the differences and guide you to select the best option.   What Is A Drip Irrigation... Read more

Use a Lawn Sprinkler Controller to Take Care of Your Property

Across Ontario, homeowners are using Ai-powered security systems, doorbells, and thermostats to make their lives simpler. That includes using lawn sprinkler controllers to give themselves a taste of modern living. Using lawn sprinkler systems in Toronto for irrigation help create a beautiful lush lawn. This smart system uses built-in controllers and sensors to take care of your property remotely. Here, we explain what lawn sprinkler controllers do and how they benefit your property. What is a Lawn Sprinkler Controller? By scheduling times for your sprinkler through a smartphone app, you can decide when and how long water will be sprayed. Sometimes,... Read more

How Does an Automatic Sprinkler System Work?

No property owner likes dragging heavy hoses around their yard to water it. Plus, they get clogged and snagged way too often. That's when we often start thinking about installing an automatic sprinkler system. These use a timer and controller to set up an automated watering schedule which makes life so much easier and saves time and money. It’s also a great way to keep your landscaping efficiently watered while eliminating the physical labour it takes to do so. But how does it work? Let’s find out. Automatic Sprinkler Systems: How Do They Work?  1. The Controller An electrical controller... Read more

3 Different Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Your Lawn

Do you want a lush green lawn for your home? The first step is to choose a lawn sprinkler system that waters the garden efficiently without interference. Though watering can be done manually as well, if you lead a busy life, it may not be a suitable option. Also, it can be a daunting task which is why selecting a sprinkler system is wise. Your selection should depend on several factors such as the size of your yard and the type of landscaping. After these considerations, you can opt for the right one. To help you in this context, our... Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Sprinkler System Winter Ready

Fall is almost at an end. Winter is coming. With it, we in the western hemisphere say goodbye to the green around us as we get ready for snow. It’s tempting to join the bears and squirrels and hibernate the cold away, but your lawn will suffer in the future as a result. Before you buckle down for the winter, you need to make sure your sprinkler system is ready. It needs to be in tip-top shape for when the weather warms up and your grass needs regular watering. Here are five ways to get started. Know Your Sprinkler Package... Read more

6 Ways to Give Your Sprinklers a Boost before Spring

With the coming of Spring, you may find yourself more happy and hopeful. The temperature warms up, and birds start to sing, but there’s something missing…Your lawn--it’s not getting any greener. [caption id="attachment_402" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit -[/caption] Most of us would turn on the irrigation and not think about it, but if there’s a problem with your irrigation system then your lawn will suffer. Fear not. There’s six things you can do to get your sprinklers working properly again, and get your lawn season appropriate! 1) Check Your Soil The first thing you should do is make sure you... Read more

No More Woes: Save Your Lawn from Sprinkler Leaks

Sprinklers are the modern solutions to every homeowner’s lawn watering woes. Oh, how insane it feels when we wake up to a freshly watered lawn (with happiness obviously). Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling when that one perfect thing just outside the porch demands absolutely nothing, and just happens on its own? How elated are we when the neighbors are as green as our lawn? The air of pride seems to flow both in and around us. [caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit:[/caption] But this might prove to be a really short-lived juncture if the sprinklers stop functioning properly.... Read more