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How to Maintain Your Garden in the Winter

Are you looking for ways to care for your garden during the winter? If so, this blog post by Green Valley Irrigation, a reputed provider of lawn sprinklers in Toronto, is meant for you. We are going over several ways to maintain your garden throughout the harsh climate. 1. Clean Up Finished and Rotting Plants In winter, leaves fall, and plants die which not only looks untidy but can also harbour diseases, funguses and pests. Some of these pests may lay eggs on the plants’ stalks and leaves. Read more [...]

How to Winterize Your Old Lawn Irrigation System

Winter is already striking hard and it is high time to winterize your home and lawn. You may not realize the importance of winterizing your irrigation system when you are from an area that rarely experiences extreme cold weather. But this is an important thing to do to maintain the irrigation system properly. Like any other part of the house, the lawn and irrigation system should be-winterized before the winter sets in. Necessity to winterize Garden irrigation systems are usually made of PVC Read more [...]