Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

A landscape which is beautifully designed looks inviting and makes people want to enjoy the scenery while savouring the fragrances. It is, however, a difficult feat to accomplish as creating a landscape isn’t, an easy task. After all, if it were easy, everyone would have a stunning landscape. But, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. All you need is to properly know your landscape for it to look magnificent. To ensure that you avoid making some of the most common landscaping mistakes, here are some tips on what to look for.


Not having a plan before planting

Creating an attractive lawn takes a lot of thinking and planning. If you’ve ever come across a lawn that is littered with plants of various sizes and colours, you’ll have a fair idea of why planning is important. Even in a cottage-garden with a free-flowing design with plenty of flowers, proper planning must be applied.

Have a plan for your colour scheme, preferably with colours that you like before making any purchases. Remember to limit the number of colours as too many will just make the landscape look clumsy.  Planting shades of any single colour all over the landscape can give it a nice effect as it will look pleasing on the eyes.

Using the wrong areas to plant

In real estate, location is just as important as the landscaping. Placing a plant in the wrong area can kill the look and feel of your landscape along with your plant. When you find a plant that you would like to have in your garden or lawn, make sure you read the tiny insert which comes with the pot first. The card usually offers a wide variety of information which includes little things and specifications which may be required by the plant. Getting this information beforehand can help you prevent placing the plant in a shaded area when it may require abundant sunlight to grow.

Overlooking the size of the plant

When landscaping, the size of the plant does matter. A plant which has a perfect size now will probably grow up to be more than 7 feet over the next few years, overtaking the plants around it, blocking your view. This definitely doesn’t look petty. You may check the card that comes with the plant to know beforehand how large the plant will grow to be in width and height. This can help you make the decision whether you want to purchase a specific plant or not.

However, if you make up your mind to purchase it, ensure that you place the bigger plants in the back and keep the smaller ones in front. This guarantees that your landscape doesn’t give the impression of devouring your business or home.

Improperly cutting the grass

A huge green lawn is very attractive. But, mowing can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming task. This is why most people tend to cut their grass very low with the hopes that they won’t have to mow it too often. This must be avoided at all costs as it only leads to potential lawn disease and bare spots. The best thing to do during the hot summer months is to cut the grass slightly higher as it can provide protection to your lawn It can be cut shorter during the cooler months.

Mistakes are bound to happen during the landscaping. Following the above-mentioned tips can help make a difference in your landscape designing success.