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Plants, including your grass, need water to thrive, and creating a green landscape requires time, money and effort. If you want your lawn to look incredible, a lawn sprinkler or irrigation system makes watering your lawn easy . Not only do you get a beautiful lawn you can enjoy with your loved ones but you won’t have to worry about over- or under-watering. And when it’s installed properly and regularly maintained, it helps conserve water.

Do you want a lush lawn that’s also functional? Are you looking to add a wow factor while saving money, time and water? With an emphasis on fast installation and quality customer support, Green Valley Irrigation helps people take an eco-friendly approach to their lawn watering needs. We employ experienced and reliable specialists who work closely with our clients which enables us to offer you great value for your money. Our primary goal is to create the lawn of your dreams by offering the best products and services. We’re a reliable and affordable irrigation system company in Brampton that also offers a wide range of sprinkler systems. Keep your property lush and green without wasting water. We’ll show you how easy it is.

Our Range Of Services

Installation of Sprinkler Systems

Installation of Sprinkler Systems

We install sprinkler systems including rotors, nozzles and rain sensors. Our experts take accurate measurements of your lawn, survey the types of plants you have and test the soil before installing a suitable high-quality product to ensure your lawn receives the right amount of water.

Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

Our year-round irrigation system maintenance ensures that everything works efficiently. We work hard to protect your investment and yard with our maintenance services, which ensures that your irrigation systems are working at their best. Our experts diagnose and repair problems before your system is permanently affected.

Fix Landscaping Lighting

Fix Landscaping Lighting

We add functionality to your outdoor living space by installing landscape lighting. Our experienced staff members understand your needs and will always consult with you before moving ahead with the project. Our product line includes bullet lights, spotlights, wash lights and downlights.



Sod, also known as turf grass, is essentially grass that has already been planted. Our professionals offer sodding to ensure your lawn stays green all year round. We go through several steps such as levelling, de-compacting and moistening the soil for the best results.



Our professionals follow certain rules to make sure grading is done well. First, we ensure that the ground slopes away from your home. We also cover low points in your yard and smooth them with soil, eliminating problems such as stagnant and pooling water. We take care of water leakage issues too.



We provide small, smooth stones collected from creeks and rivers. They are ideal as inorganic mulch to help conserve soil moisture, and their earthy colours make them ideal for any type of landscape. Our staff apply them in a way that works best for your lawn.


Green Valley Irrigation is a leading lawn irrigation system provider in the landscaping industry in the Toronto neighbourhood. We employ technicians with rich industry-specific experience to offer a wide range of practical products and services to suit your needs. Our holistic approach makes us the ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces. We comply with industry norms and specialize in installing lawn sprinkler systems and underground pipelines, maintain operational pumps and control hydro-pneumatic water pressure systems. We only work with high-quality tools including nozzles, sensors, rotors, MP rotors, calves, remotes, controllers and other accessories designed to deliver efficiency. Our services and prices are designed to make our clients happy and keep their lawns in top condition.

  1. 1 Industry - Leading Products Quality
  2. 2 Workmanship Affordable Rates
  3. 3 Efficient Designs
  4. 4 Experienced Installers
  5. 5 Superior Customer Service


All plants, including grass, need water to thrive and grow. It is a myth that an automated irrigation system is only meant for resorts, sports fields and parks. It can be used for residential landscapes to reduce water wastage, which is common in manual watering. It's a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your property healthy and lively and save water and time without suffering sunburn by watering your lawn out in the sun yourself. Whether you have a postage stamp garden or a sprawling estate, your property will benefit from an irrigation system. Here are some other benefits you will enjoy by installing one on your property today:

  1. 1Is an eco-friendly solution
  2. 2Helps save on water bills
  3. 3Prevents under-watering
  4. 4Allows scheduled operation when you are not in town
  5. 5Prevents the growth of fungi, weeds and other plant diseases
  6. 6Keeps your lawn healthy, vibrant and green

A lawn irrigation system offers many benefits ranging from convenience to adding value to your property. Before installing a sprinkler system, experienced professionals at Green Valley assess your property and consider important factors including sun exposure, slopes and climate to figure out the optimal amount of water your lawn needs.

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To ensure that you find what you’re looking for, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions.

Why should I install a sprinkler system?

It will save you time and money while controlling the amount of water you use, ensuring that your home's landscape stays green.

How will I know if and when there's a leak in my irrigation system?

Any leakage in the system will cause water to drip, resulting in the system losing pressure. This will cause it to spray weakly and signify a need for maintenance work.

Do I need to maintain my irrigation system regularly?

Yes, especially in winter, to prevent wear and tear and the entire system freezing.

Roughly how much does a good sprinkler system cost?

The price depends on many factors, including the size of your property, type of lawn, the products you use and special design needs, if any.

Will it be difficult to operate the sprinkler system on my own?

We offer a wide range of advanced lawn irrigation systems that are powerful enough to meet your watering needs but simple enough to adjust and program yourself.

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Amazing first experience with this company. John was very professional and he and his team were punctual, quick and efficient. I'm so glad I found this company and I will definitely be calling them the next time I have any sprinkler system need!

Nesrine Rajji

I've been using Green Valley's services to open, close and repair our sprinkler system since we got our house over 3 years ago. They are fast, efficient and most importantly honest and transparent pricing. Thank you John and keep up the good work!

Wilson Chung

We had 3500 sq ft lawn done by John and are very happy with the results. They were quick and polite and helpful. Estimates were best. Next year when one of the sprinker head had a crack john came within 2 days of callig and replaced it at no cost.

soniya patel

From the first appointment with Green Valley for our irrigation system and sod install, I knew we chose the right company. They were on time, and ready to work! I loved it. The quality of work is amazing, Onsite team were all respectful and clean while working. Our front yard has never looked better!!


John and his crew did a great job installing an irrigation system for my lawn,flowers, and vegetable garden. He was friendly and easy to deal with. He was professional , caring , and competitive cost wise. I would recommend him easily.

Allen in Toronto

John and his team are very professional. I had a new lawn installed and and John and his team were available to install my irrigation system on short notice. They are very professional and took great care to explain the settings.

Abraham in Toronto

John and his team did a great job planning and installing our irrigation system last fall. Very friendly and professional group to work with. I'm looking forward to having a green lawn this summer (vs. the dried out weed patch of last year).


We are pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of John and his team. They are prompt, efficient and honest in their dealings. I recommend their services whole heartedly