Use a Lawn Sprinkler Controller to Take Care of Your Property

Across Ontario, homeowners are using Ai-powered security systems, doorbells, and thermostats to make their lives simpler. That includes using lawn sprinkler controllers to give themselves a taste of modern living.

Using lawn sprinkler systems in Toronto for irrigation help create a beautiful lush lawn. This smart system uses built-in controllers and sensors to take care of your property remotely.

Here, we explain what lawn sprinkler controllers do and how they benefit your property.

What is a Lawn Sprinkler Controller?

By scheduling times for your sprinkler through a smartphone app, you can decide when and how long water will be sprayed. Sometimes, a weather report is taken into consideration to decide on when to open your sprinklers. Utilization of the water can be fixed beforehand for a particular day. But the forecast may change the amount of water consumption. By analyzing the forecast and how much it will rain, the gauge inside the sprinkler system sends a message to the lawn sprinkler controller to alter the pre-planned schedule and adjust when to water the lawn.

To beautify your property, here’s what you can expect from your lawn sprinkler controller in Toronto.

Benefits of Using a Smart Sprinkler Controller

Benefits of Using a Smart Sprinkler Controller

A sprinkler controller offers many benefits to make the exterior of your home appear as beautiful as its interior. Let’s look at the reasons to use one.

1. It Gives You Control Over the Irrigation System

Choosing an irrigation system that is controlled via a phone app is essential. It lets you use your sprinkler controller to maintain your lawn. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the office, at home, or on vacation; the sprinkler system does its job properly and saves the lawn from turning brown.

By installing the app, you connect the sprinkler system with your Wi-Fi so you can access it from anywhere.

The following things can be done remotely:

  • Setting up a watering schedule
  • Monitoring the watering calendar
  • Turning sprinklers on and off

By predicting your lawn’s water consumption, the irrigation system delivers a major cost saving.

2. Water Sensors

The sprinkler controller makes it easy to schedule your watering automatically via lawn sprinklers that use rotors and nozzles.

If you are an environmentally-friendly person, rest assured that little water is being wasted. By keeping a daily record of the weather and types of soil in the yard, the smart sprinkler controller rations water.

Being an intuitive system, the controller adjusts itself based on weather conditions. Whether there is rain or shine, the lawn will be watered properly. As a result, you will not be wasting your valuable time and money watering when it is not required.

3. Early Issue Detection

A lot of money may be wasted on water bills before you realize that you have water leakage underground. Investing in a smart lawn sprinkler controller thus saves you money. By linking itself with the flow meter, a smart sprinkler system can send an alert. This turns off the controller immediately if a leak is detected or pipe found broken. This reduces the costs of repair as you are able to get at the root cause of the problem quickly.

So, smart controllers are beneficial for maintaining the optimal water level in your lawn while saving on repair costs.

4. Beautification of Your Lawn

Do you want a better-looking lawn than your neighbour? By improving irrigation, the smart lawn sprinkler controller delivers the right amount of water to your lawn to enhance its beauty.

By finding a model that adjusts with the soil type and follows the irrigation method of cycle-and-soak, you can guarantee less runoff of water as it seeps into the soil.

5. Hardscape Surface Maintenance

Decorative fountains, rock walls, firewalls and stone patios are hardscape elements that are often used to enhance the beauty of a lawn. Using smart sprinklers lets you water your lawn while avoiding over-spraying. If the irrigation system is not effective enough then it may lead to erosion and crack the hardscape elements.

So, having lawn sprinklers is the best option for the maintenance of the hardscape.

A lawn sprinkler controller is a must for maintaining the beauty of your yard in Toronto. By installing these smart sprinklers, you may not have to think about watering anymore. Your lawn’s irrigation requirement is going to be taken care of also. If there is an alert on the app regarding leakage, which can lead to an additional water bill, you will be able to call the installer immediately for the repair.