Portable & In-Ground Sprinkler Systems: Which Is Best for You?

Are you looking for the best sprinkler system for your lawn? Efficiency, convenience, and water conservation are important considerations when it comes to selecting a sprinkler system.

Both portable and in-ground sprinklers are great when it comes to maintaining a healthy, luscious lawn. But which is right for your lawn?

Go through this post to better understand each sprinkler type and make the best decision as per your budget, schedule, and landscape.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Portable Sprinkler System? 

Portable sprinklers are also known as travelling gun sprinklers. The best part about these lawn watering solutions is that they can be easily moved from one place to another, or to where temporary irrigation is required.

If you need the best sprinkler for a large lawn, you can use portable sprinklers. Attach them to garden hoses to completely water the lawn. They come in various forms:

  • Rotating sprinklers use two arms and a spinner to spray water rotationally.
  • Oscillating sprinklers have long tubes with multiple openings to create a fan-like waterfall that moves backward and forward. They provide gentle, even coverage that is ideal for newly-seeded lawns.
  • Impact or impulse sprinklers rotate in a circle while emitting a single water jet. They can cover a large lawn, are resistant to clogging and wind, and are simple to adjust.

These models are more affordable than in-ground sprinklers, and you can place them wherever you want. So, if your lawn has a dry patch in a particular spot, portable sprinklers can be used to take care of the problem.

However, portable sprinklers have some disadvantages:

  • Compared to in-ground ones, they take longer to work because you must change their location periodically. This is so that you don’t end up flooding one area of the lawn while underwatering others.
  • You have to remain aware of when to move the sprinkler to a different part of your lawn. This includes hooking it up to a hose and dragging it all over the lawn, then watching the clock so that you don’t overwaterany one area.
  • Continually moving a portable sprinkler system can damage your lawn.
  • As it disperses water into the air to cover a large area, a lot of it evaporates. So, you end up wasting water and increasing your water bill.

What Is an In-Ground Sprinkler System? 

If you want a great-looking lawn that is evenly moist to the roots without flooding your gutters, install an in-ground sprinkler system. Remember that no matter how great your lawn’s soil is, it has a limited capacity to absorb water. Beyond that, there will be nothing but runoff and wasted money.

The best part about an in-ground sprinkler system is that it produces a mist, so the soil absorbs water at a slower rate for more complete hydration.

However, they can be a tripping hazard and are more expensive than portable options. Still, many homeowners prefer their convenience and efficiency. Instead of saving on upfront costs and spending more on water bills, they prefer healthier gardens and lawns for the long term. In addition, you don’t have to run around your lawn to put away a hose after watering.

There are mainly two types of in-ground sprinklers:

  1. Pop-up sprinklers are installed just below ground, with only the heads visible. Their valves open and close according to how much hydration is required. When not in use, the nozzle and riser remain below ground to protect against damage from lawnmowers, animals, people, and other objects. Once activated, the nozzle rises and starts dispensing water.
  2. The second type is the static or fixed sprinkler, which is ideal for flower beds or shrubs where there is minimal chance of damage. Since these shrub head sprinklers are often taller, water can pass through plants.

Gardening can be fun, but your time is valuable. So, you should choose a sprinkler system that is worth both your time and money. This means an in-ground irrigation system is your best choice. You can install an automatic timer controller to water your lawn well and wisely, even when you aren’t home. If you are looking for the most trusted underground sprinkler company in Toronto, contact Green Valley Irrigation to bless your lawn with health and beauty.