5 Questions You Should Ask Your Irrigation System Contractor

Lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems are valuable investments for any property, be it residential or commercial.

As such, you need to hire a contractor to be your trusted advisor before, during and after the project. They should be able to customize your system to suit your landscape’s requirements.

To be sure you’re getting the best value for your money, ask your contractor these questions before you hire them.

What to Ask Your Irrigation System Contractor Before You Hire Them

Here are five questions you should ask your would-be irrigation system contractor before hiring them.

  1. 1. How long have you been in the industry?

Experience is important when you’re searching for an irrigation company. Moreover, an established contractor will know how to deal with any issue and have a solid reputation.

  1. 2. Do you have the licenses required to install an irrigation system? Will you secure the necessary permits in time?

Installing irrigation systems requires an in-depth knowledge of how landscape systems work along with a knowledge of local laws and regulations When hiring your irrigation contractor, make sure they’re properly licensed and certified to work in your area.

They’ll also need to have the right work permits. Failing to get proper permitting before starting work can result in both you and the contractor having to pay fines.

  1. 3. Do you provide personalized solutions?

A good irrigation contractor will create a custom layout for your lawn, ensuring it receives efficient water supply and coverage. If they have a prefab layout they use for all their properties, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your irrigation system will optimally water your lawn.

If you have a unique landscape, ask your contractor for a blueprint of your proposed lawn irrigation system. You can also ask to set up a meeting to discuss the design. A contractor willing to do this is more likely to plan the project properly.

  1. 4. Does your company use products that help save water?

A good irrigation company will use rain sensors along with other water-efficient irrigation system components. This ensures that your system only uses as much water as it needs for your lawn and reduces your utility bills.

  1. 5. Do you offer any additional services?

If you want services that go beyond what your contract entails, ask potential contractors if they can provide them.

For instance, you may want to enhance your property with elements like landscape lighting or water features, or maybe your yard requires aeration. If a single contractor can meet your landscape’s needs, it will save you time looking for another company that offers that specific service.

To make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, ask your potential irrigation system contractor these common questions before hiring them. Remember, these systems need to be installed with care and precision, which is something an experienced contractor can do. By asking these questions, you’ll ensure your system is both designed and installed properly.