Installation of New Sprinkler Systems

Worried about getting a new sprinkler systems installed for your lawn or garden? We, at Green Valley measure the dimensions of your lawn, test the soil and survey the type of plants before installing the sprinkler system appropriate for the landscape. The process will include, trenching, linking the water source; installing shut-off valves; working with poly pipes, PVC pipes and PVC cement; constructing a valve manifold; connecting wires; installing sprinklers and flushing the system. Finally, we will test each zone, using the timer to control the valves to make adjustments, if required, to the directions or the distance of the sprinklers.

Repair and Maintenance

Sprinkler heads are nothing but machines with a lot of small parts moving in coordination. Like any other machine, they demand care and maintenance. For each troubleshooting task, there are special devices and tools which are expensive for a home owner. At Green Valley, we have all such advanced repairing tools. We offer seasonal care for the lawn sprinklers. Some common repairing works include that of valve leaks, broken pipes and spring start-ups. These tasks are dexterously accomplished by expert landscape contractors who have in depth knowledge of the functioning parts. The work is begun post a ground review and cost estimation.

Spring Start Up

With the advent of spring, the gardens and lawns begin to thaw. Spring, therefore, is the ideal time to get the garden sprinklers checked thoroughly. A complete spring start-up process will certainly include checking the spray pattern to prevent runoffs. Further to this, leakage or geysers in the landscapes are also detected. We confirm that the water behaves as it is supposed to behave. A little care can go a long way in keeping your system running smoothly averting mid-summer landscape catastrophes to startle you and your neighbors. Be sure to have another survey done a few days later. In our second visit, we will concentrate on spotting soggy patches and adjust the lawn sprinkler accordingly.

Fall Winterizing

Autumn signals you to drain out all water from the sprinkler so that with the fall of temperature the remnants do not freeze inside to jam the irrigating machine. The process, though simple, needs to be executed carefully and patiently. There are two different methods for removing the water from pipes and sprinklers:
(1) drain valve method; and
(2) blow out method.
Choice will depend on several factors like the water pump, the pipes and the timer. Most experts recommend the blow out method for fall winterization.

Modification of Existing Landscape

Whether it is a new landscape or an existing one, a residential or commercial plot of green, small modifications or a total revamp of your yard; Green Valley has a bundle of solutions. Our expert will meet you personally to discuss your budget and preferences before drawing the best possible landscape modification. A planned landscaping will include, selection and planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers; layout design; installation of seed and sod lawns; layout of new planting palettes. You will be able to observe the entire process and suggest further improvisations as we perform the makeover. Our ultimate aim will be to enhance the landscape visually.