Our gardening professionals offer sodding, an important task in gardening that ensures you have a green lawn throughout the year. This is done by using sod which is grass that has already been planted, also referred to as turf grass. Our professionals go through several steps before installing sod to get the best results. They start by preparing the ground through proper levelling, de-compacting and moistening the soil. After the ground is prepared, they install the sod during the coolest part of the day. They water the first layer of sod within fifteen minutes before rolling new sod. Contact us to know more!


Yard grading is the basis of any landscape design which makes it a crucial part in gardening that is done by our professionals. They follow certain rules to ensure grading is done well. The first rule in grading is to ensure that the ground slopes away from your house in all directions. They then find the high and low points in your yard and cover them with soil to smoothen it afterwards. By doing so, they eliminate the problem of pools of stagnant water that can hamper the appearance of your garden. In fact, grading comes in handy if there is any water leakage problem in your home. For more details on this, contact us!


River stones are small and smooth pebbles that are generally collected from rivers and creeks. These stones or rocks are of earthy colours that make them suitable for any type of landscape. These rocks are used as inorganic mulch around the plants that conserve soil moisture and keeps the roots cool in the hot summer weather. Also, the large pores created by these stones can allow oxygen to reach the roots of the plants thus facilitating water drainage through the mulch. That’s why our experts apply these river stones to ensure they are working for the betterment of your garden.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an art which needs years of experience to conduct the job well. Our experts are professionals in the field who uphold clients’ needs above everything else. Before they start working on installing lights on your lawn, they will consult with you and learn about your requirements. They generally work with different types of lighting that includes spotlights, well lights, bullet lights, downlight and wash lights. These lighting fixtures create a focal point and create shadows thus augmenting the appearance of your lawn.

Installation of New Sprinkler Systems

Worried about getting a new sprinkler systems installed for your lawn or garden? We, at Green Valley measure the dimensions of your lawn, test the soil and survey the type of plants before installing the sprinkler system appropriate for the landscape. The process will include, trenching, linking the water source; installing shut-off valves; working with poly pipes, PVC pipes and PVC cement; constructing a valve manifold; connecting wires; installing sprinklers and flushing the system. Finally, we will test each zone, using the timer to control the valves to make adjustments, if required, to the directions or the distance of the sprinklers.

Repair and Maintenance

Sprinkler heads are nothing but machines with a lot of small parts moving in coordination. Like any other machine, they demand care and maintenance. For each troubleshooting task, there are special devices and tools which are expensive for a home owner. At Green Valley Irrigation, we have all such advanced repairing tools. We offer seasonal care for the lawn sprinklers in Toronto. Some common repairing works include that of valve leaks, broken pipes and spring start-ups. These tasks are dexterously accomplished by expert landscape contractors who have in depth knowledge of the functioning parts. The work is begun post a ground review and cost estimation.