How to Water Your Lawn Effectively (10 Tips)

The secret to maintaining a thriving lawn is thorough watering. On average most lawns need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green. But over-watering not only wastes water but makes it more susceptible to insect damage. Reducing water waste is one of the major reasons to consider perfecting your watering techniques. But how? A garden irrigation system helps you water your lawn efficiently and is a much better solution than toiling away in the sun. Its added benefits include Read more [...]

7 Tips to Maintaining Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Maintaining your lawn sprinkler system reduces water waste, prolongs the life of the equipment, and keeps your lawn healthy. But the procedures you should be following to do just that (and how often) depends on your system. It's not easy to quickly detect leaks and internal damage in sprinklers by viewing them from the outside. Following a maintenance regime helps determine whether the components of your sprinkler are working properly to reduce wastage of water. A Simple Guide to Maintain Read more [...]

6 Ferns to Spruce Up Your Garden This Winter

Ferns make great garden plants. They not only add character and beauty to your outdoor space but enhance your home’s curb appeal. These low maintenances, easy-to-grow plants can thrive in low-light conditions and be used in shaded home gardens. If you’re planning to add ferns to your garden, you should choose ones that can tolerate winter's cold, since the weather is getting chillier by the day. Here are the easiest ferns to grow in winter. Gardening Tips: Best Ferns That Can Survive in Read more [...]

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Lawn (11 Landscaping Ideas)

The value of your property isn't just about your house. A lush yard (created in part by a discreet irrigation system) with beautiful lighting and colourful blooms is an important part of its appeal to both residents and passers-by. Without proper maintenance, however, your lawn will look unkempt. But not all of us have the time or knowledge to stay up to the task. So, if you want a low-maintenance landscape, here are few suggestions to make the job easier. 11 Easy Landscaping Ideas for People Read more [...]

Drip Irrigation: The Most Efficient Plant Watering System?

Do you love your garden? Is it full of beautiful flowers and lush plants that make you happy? What about your lovely green lawn? Of course you love them so you should know that the irrigation system you choose plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing both. And, to get a well-irrigated lawn and garden that will keep your plants thriving without wasting water, you should choose drip irrigation. This is the most efficient way to water plants while saving water, fertilizer and energy. Let's Read more [...]

Why Your Lawn Needs an Irrigation System (6 Simple Reasons)

No longer are professionally-installed irrigation systems only to be found on golf courses and the grounds of upscale mansions. With advances in technology, they've become affordable, convenient and energy efficient options for every homeowner.  Modern irrigation systems are designed to deliver just the right amount of water and reduce any waste that occurs when you water by hose. It’s a great way to save money and time while keeping your lawn or garden healthy and green with minimal effort. Read more [...]

Designing Your Own Garden Landscape (6 Tips for Beginners)

A properly-designed garden makes our lives better. But where to start? Here, our experts round up six simple design tips to create the perfect outdoor space. 6 Tips to Plan and Design Your Outdoor Space Are you looking to improve the design of your home's outdoor landscape? Here are a few tips to get started. 1. Make a Plan You don't necessarily need a professional landscape designer designs. If you want to take a DIY approach, you need to: Draw a bird’s-eye view of your property. Read more [...]

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Irrigation System Contractor

Lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems are valuable investments for any property, be it residential or commercial. As such, you need to hire a contractor to be your trusted advisor before, during and after the project. They should be able to customize your system to suit your landscape’s requirements. To be sure you’re getting the best value for your money, ask your contractor these questions before you hire them. What to Ask Your Irrigation System Contractor Before You Hire Them Here Read more [...]

How to Creatively Light Up Your Driveway (4 Amazing Ideas)

A driveway can only be improved with proper lighting. Along with lending a bit of ambience, lighting can also offer homeowners peace of mind, knowing that you can better see who’s entering and exiting your property. However, there’s no need for you to light it up like an airport runway. All it takes are a few well-placed landscape lights to define your space. Since it’s one of the first things that visitors see upon arriving at your home, it’s a smart idea to choose lights that complement Read more [...]

How to Install a Lawn Irrigation System (9 Easy Steps)

Are you looking for a convenient way to irrigate your lawn's hard-to-reach areas? Simply trying to keep a large one well-watered? Installing an irrigation system can make watering your lawn a lot easier and more efficient, while a buried sprinkler network ensures that it remains hidden. But putting it in requires careful planning to make certain the entire area is properly and evenly covered. Fortunately, most lawn irrigation companies plan the system out so the property owner doesn’t have Read more [...]