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8 Times Winner – Best Company for Sprinkler Systems in the GTA

Rated for our Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail.

  • Installation of New Sprinkler Systems

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Sodding

  • Grading

  • Riverstone

  • Landscape Lighting


Green Valley Irrigation is a leading lawn sprinkler installer in the landscape industry. Our professional staff and technicians provide clients with the technical and practical expertise as per the requirements. With rich industry-specific experience, we are perfectly capable of delivering you the appropriate needs without any glitches. Ours is a holistic approach and hence our wide array of services encompasses both residential and commercial spaces. The top-notch irrigation services we offer helps you create, grow, and maintain the value and beauty of your home and surrounding landscape.

The wide array of services we offer are designed considering the needs of a lawn from all aspects. However, the best part is that these are perfectly in compliance with the industry norms. This is where Green Valley Irrigation is a class apart from the lot. Apart from installing the lawn sprinkler system, we also specialize in installing underground pipelines, controlling hydro pneumatic water pressure systems and maintaining the pumps in operation.

Why Choose Us

  • Industry Leading Products with Efficient Design

    We work with high-class tools designed to deliver efficiency. All kinds of rotors, MP rotators, nozzles, spray bodies, micro irrigation, sensors, valves, tools, controllers, remotes and accessories are provided by us for complete installation, repair and routine checks.
  • Quality Workmanship by Experienced Installers

    Even the best of tools cannot meet justice at inexperienced hands. We have highly trained and adept professionals who can churn magic with simple techniques making lawn sprinkler installation, maintenance work and landscape modification a cakewalk.
  • Superior Customer Service & Competitive Prices

    Any organization, big or small, prospers only when its customers are happy. We ensure that our products are efficient and our staff put on their best behaviors. Our services and prices are meant to make you happy. We derive our motivation from your trust.

Our Mission

Green Valley Irrigation is dedicated to offering clients a high quality and efficient irrigation service. Our goal is not only to satisfy the requirements of our customer but to surpass all of their expectations. Our objective is to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices.

At Green Valley Irrigation, we strive to provide good irrigation planning and proper maintenance simultaneously. It’s a win-win practice and hence can definitely improve the quality of your lawn. But, the unfortunate part is that water is becoming a limited source due to growing urban demand. Quite obviously, there has been an increased demand of irrigation water. We focus on bringing effective and skillful use of water, in order to ensure a perfectly verdant lawn.

We, at Green Valley Irrigation believe that your lawn is that cozy haven, where you want to retreat back after a day’s hard work. The proper maintenance of the same is of utmost importance. Hence, our approach is always aimed at its proper maintenance and streamlined irrigation.

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