Electric Valves


Why Electric Valves Are Important

The electric valve in a sprinkler system controls the flow of water. They’re an essential part of any well-designed irrigation system. Each valve is dedicated to controlling water flow in a specific area of the system. In the absence of valves, water flows uncontrollably or not at all. They are controlled by applying a voltage over the coil to open the valve and let water flow. Automating the lawn irrigation process in this way saves time.

What You Should Know About Electric Valves

  • ● Electric valves operate best with clean water. Otherwise, they can become clogged which results in leakage or other operational issues.
  • ● Electric valves are a great way to save time and water as you don’t have to worry about watering your lawn. Instead, the valves will open and close at the specified time.
  • ● There are several types of electric valves, including globe valves, angle valves, and anti-siphon valves. Globe and angle valves do not provide protection from backflow and need a separate backflow device, whereas anti-siphon valves have built-in backflow prevention.
  • ● Proper installation is necessary to ensure that the valves operate without problems.

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