We are one of the leading dealers of high-quality nozzles in Brampton. They are sourced from top manufacturers and fabricated using fine-grade materials. We understand that nozzles are an important part of a well-designed irrigation system. That’s why our products are made to last a long time and water your lawn efficiently. When you choose our products, you can rest assured that the result is a healthy, lush, green landscape.

Green Valley Irrigation is dedicated to providing durable and efficient lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems along with professional installation, repair and maintenance. Our collection includes a wide assortment of nozzles designed specifically for different types of lawns; this gives you many options to find the perfect one for your lawn care needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Green Valley Irrigation is one of the most trusted destinations for your landscape maintenance-related needs. Our exceptional service and attention to detail have made us a reliable name for lawn care. To that end that we are the seven-time winner of HomeStar’s Best Company for Sprinkler Systems in the GTA. Our friendly staff and experienced technicians use a dynamic product line to help you create, grow and maintain the value and beauty of your home and lawn.

By choosing us, you get:

  • ● Top-notch irrigation services
  • ● Long-lasting and industry-leading products
  • ● A healthy and visually appealing lawn
  • ● Superior customer service
  • ● Competitive prices


Green Valley Irrigation approaches every project with zeal and dedication. Our goal is not only to satisfy your lawn care requirements but to surpass your expectations with our services. Contact us for a free quote.