Green Valley Irrigation has made its reputation on the reliability, innovative features and the quality found in their rotary sprinklers. We have set the benchmark with which to judge other manufacturer’s rotors. You can now relax knowing that your landscape is being irrigated using the reliable rotors we provide. Our products usually cover a large bed and grass area, keeping your landscape lush green. You are sure to find an irrigation sprinkler system with us which suits your needs.
Additionally, we provide landscape modification, sprinkler system installation and repair services. Call us at (416) 677-4874 to get a free estimate.

Sourced from top industry brands, our rotors are high quality, reliable and innovative.  They set the benchmark for durability and affordability. By adding our irrigation products to your lawn, you can rest assured that it will receive the amount of water it needs without wastage.

When you partner with us for your lawn irrigation needs, you get:

  • ● No more hassle with hoses
  • ● Savings on your water bill
  • ● A well-irrigated lawn
  • ● Enhanced curb appeal


Using rotors is an efficient way to water small to medium-sized areas. You determine the spray pattern and distance, and they rotate silently to keep your lawn lush and green while seamlessly becoming part of your landscaping.

Why Choose Green Valley Irrigation?

We offer a huge selection of irrigation and sprinkler systems in Brampton. Our products use the latest technology to keep your greenery well-irrigated while eliminating wastage. We understand that water conservation and smart usage are important parts of lawn care. That’s why we offer products that conserve water without losing out on lawn health. Whether you want to contact us about your residential or commercial property, we promise to offer the best products from the most trusted brands to keep your lawn healthy.

Apart from irrigation and sprinkler systems, we also offer various landscaping services like sodding, grading, putting in river stones, landscape lighting, and the installation, repair and maintenance of new sprinkler systems. In short, we are your one-stop solution for the upkeep of your lawn.