4 Pet-Friendly Weed Preventers for Your Lawn

It’s dangerous to apply chemical-based weed preventers to your garden if you have pets at your home. The weed killers are very effective at killing weeds, but their toxic ingredients can also be harmful to pets.

According to a study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in 2013, 19 out of 25 samples of dog urine were found to contain dangerous chemicals after pesticides were applied to the lawn. Some experts are of the opinion that the threat is not limited to the application of pesticides, as herbicides and fertilizer are also equally dangerous. Over time, these chemicals can cause cancer and other diseases in pets.

If you don’t want your pet to suffer from the harmful effects of chemical based herbicides, then here are 4 organic weed preventers that pet-safe.

1) Boiling Water

Use of boiling water to kill weeds is an age-old practice. This is an effective method for getting rid of weeds growing on driveways, sideways or walkways without harming your furry friend. Simply pour boiling water on the affected area and let it kill the root system of those pesky weed patches in your garden. But be cautious and only apply this method exactly on the afflicted spot or else the boiling water will kill everything around it.

2) Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which works as a drying agent. Simply spray vinegar on the base of the offending weeds and allow it to do the work. The acidic content in vinegar will draw the moisture out and kill the weed. However, vinegar is not always effective for killing the root system of tougher weeds. In that case, reapplication is needed. But unlike the chemical based herbicides available in the market, vinegar is an organic weed preventer.

3) Cornmeal

Cornmeal doesn’t kill weeds but prevents it does prevent them from growing. Corn gluten is an organic pre-emergent. It prevents germination of weed seeds by inhibiting an enzyme. Target the area that you need to be weed-free and sprinkle some cornmeal. Remember to apply cornmeal before germination of the seeds or else it will work as fertilizer for the weeds. However, if the application is carefully timed, it will suppress weed growth. It won’t harm your pets or other mature plants growing in the vicinity.

4) Salt

Another way of killing the weeds naturally is using salt. Apply it to areas such as your patio or brick path. Sprinkle some salt around the weed roots or prepare a salt solution and pour it into the soil. It’s weed suppressing properties will disturb the pH balance of the plant and kill it. To prevent your pet from eating the sprinkled salt, add some chopped up chili peppers with it.

Using artificial weed preventers can be harmful for your pets and your children. Rely on natural remedies to kill the unwanted crabgrass and other weeds in your garden rather than using chemical-based herbicides. These organic methods are not only pet-friendly, but also budget-friendly!