5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Putting effort into planning and designing your landscape can pay-off big time later on and add to the resale value of your home. Many property owners emphasize on creating a beautiful lawn and backyard which increases the chances of getting a better price for the property manifolds. An unkempt lawn can be an eyesore which may turn away prospective buyers.

This post outlines five tips to help you plan and maintain a landscape that is universally appealing and can attract buyers willing to invest in your property.

• Design according to your home

A landscaped lawn must match the architectural style of your house. If your landscaping is not at par with the house architecture, even if the idea is unique. Your garden must reflect the spirit of your house. If you have a modern style home, the landscaping should also be a contemporary design with hardscaping materials being the focal point of the entire layout. The key is to make sure that the plants you choose elevate the architectural beauty of the house rather than obstructing it from view.

• Add bodies of water

Pools, backyard oasis, hot tubs can immensely add to the value of your home but at the same time, they are high maintenance which is seen as a negative quality by many buyers. This is entirely subjective from person to person. However, the resale value of the home is increased when there are bodies of water on the estate. While the installation process and its maintenance are expensive, the return that you get after selling the property makes it a worthwhile investment.

• Good lighting

The lighting can alter the entire look of the garden at night and impart an entirely different ambience after sunset. Your lighting should be well planned. Do not shy away from planning something offbeat even if that means it may not be appealing to certain buyers.

• Mulch your flowerbeds

Mulching reduces the growth of weeds and helps your flowerbeds to retain their moisture. It also makes sure that the beds look clean and uniform. It is not a very expensive procedure but should be done meticulously every spring. flower beds must not be mulched deeper than 3 inches to maintain their beauty.

• Consider the buyer’s perspective

When you are planning the landscape modifications, it is essential to keep the buyer’s perspective in mind. Choose patterns and designs which are not too offbeat or difficult to maintain. Grow combinations of seasonal plants so that your garden looks green and blooming throughout the year. Do your research to stay updated on real estate trends so your landscaping is not dated.

A beautiful garden adds to the overall beauty of the entire estate, making it appealing to potential buyers. If you are considering landscaping upgrades to meet resale standards, Green Valley Irrigation is the one-stop solution to what you need.