How Does a Water Sprinkler System Work? (Simple Guide)

Using a sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water your lawn. It works like rainfall, with water flowing through a system of pipes. It is then separated through sprinklers to split it up into tiny water droplets. Spray heads at the sprinkler terminals distribute the water from the pipe over the entire surface of the lawn.
If you have a lawn, knowing how your sprinkler system works becomes part of regular home maintenance. These sprinklers are suitable for landscaped gardens and lawns, and provide proper coverage for small to large blocks of land.
However, before you get in touch with a provider of lawn sprinkler controllers in Toronto, it’s a good idea to understand how this system works.
In this post we discuss the components of lawn sprinkler irrigation systems.
Let’s get started.

Lawn Water Sprinkler System – The Components

A lawn sprinkler system consists of the following components:

A Pump

This unit extracts water from its source and uses pressure to discharge it into the pipe system. The pump has to supply water with the required pressure in order to discharge it at an optimum rate and volume suitable to the soil.


The principal and secondary pipes attached to the system carry water from the pump to the laterals. In some cases, the pipelines are installed on the surface; in others, they are buried below the lawn’s surface. You can also get temporary pipes that can be transferred from one lawn to another. These pipes are generally made from asbestos, aluminum alloy, or plastic.


Now, the laterals transport the water from the pipes to the water sprinklers. These laterals can be permanently installed in the lawn. However, most are also portable and are made of aluminum alloy or plastic for easy mobility.


Finally, the sprinklers disperse the water by transforming water jets into tiny droplets. The arrangement of the sprinklers is made to wet soil as evenly as possible.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler System

Now that you have an idea about how a sprinkler system works, you will find it easier to choose one for your lawn or field. Here are a few points to keep in mind when selecting the right sprinkler system.

Type of Sprinkler

First, you need to determine what type of sprinkler you need, whether it will be a handheld sprinkler or rain guns, centre pivots, or something else. This will make it easier for you to place an order.


How much are you willing to pay for a sprinkler irrigation system? Your final total will depend on the size of your property. At Green Valley Irrigation, you can get a top-quality sprinkler system at an affordable price.


Think about the brand you want to use. Read reviews online before contacting a provider of lawn sprinkler controllers in Toronto like us. We are happy to give you direction based on the size and condition of your property.

If you need to know more about our sprinkler systems or watering systems, get in touch with our experts. We also provide the best sprinkler system maintenance in the Toronto area. Our professional solutions will help you make the most of your lawn.