How to Create a Low-Maintenance Lawn (11 Landscaping Ideas)

The value of your property isn’t just about your house. A lush yard (created in part by a discreet irrigation system) with beautiful lighting and colourful blooms is an important part of its appeal to both residents and passers-by.

Without proper maintenance, however, your lawn will look unkempt.

But not all of us have the time or knowledge to stay up to the task. So, if you want a low-maintenance landscape, here are few suggestions to make the job easier.

11 Easy Landscaping Ideas for People Who Hate Yard Work

Lawns are meant to be inviting and beautiful but require maintenance. Here are tips to make it easier.

1) Install an Automatic Irrigation System

Watering your lawn can be tedious. The best way to get it done without expending a ton of energy is to install an automatic irrigation system. A sprinkler system, for instance, will take the burden off your shoulders and reduce water waste while keeping your lawn irrigated.

Install an Automatic Irrigation System

2) Plant Natives and Perennials 

Adding native and perennial plants and flowers to your lawn not only adds a pop of colour year-round but requires less maintenance than annuals. Native plants don’t need to be cared for closely as they can naturally withstand local weather fluctuations. Coneflowers, sedum, gaillardia and ornamental grasses are excellent options for all weather conditions – whether shady, sunny, dry or windy.

3) Replace Grass with Mulch

Mulch is your garden’s unsung hero. Using it in place of grass to surround your garden bed is a great way to naturally fertilize your plants. If you use grass, it will compete for water and nutrients while doing little to prevent weeds. That doesn’t mean you need to replace your lawn grass with mulch. Instead, create multiple spots of mulch in and around your landscape to make it visually interesting.

Replace Grass with Mulch

4) Install a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are by nature low maintenance. They can withstand harsh weather and retain their polished look year-round. And too much or too little sun, rain or wind won’t significantly impact their appearance or health. They also add texture and diversity to your lawn while being a versatile addition that can be accentuated by ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

Install a Rock Garden

5) Choose Xeriscaping 

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing a lawn that reduces or eliminates the need for watering except for what the natural climate provides. If you hate mowing your lawn or don’t have the time, xeriscaping is your best bet. It includes adding drought-tolerant plants and making soil amendments so you can make efficient use of rainwater.

6) Create Pathways 

Pavers (a.k.a. steppers) create pathways that enhance your lawn’s beauty and functionality while requiring little to no care. They give your lawn a flow and look great with other rock-based additions, like a rock garden. Traditional bungalows and Victorian-era houses look great with pathways.

7) Add Colourful Objects

Colour is the secret to a breathtaking landscape. But that doesn’t mean you need to add a lot of labour-intensive flowers. Adirondack chairs, bird baths, pots and benches can also introduce vibrant hues. Your options are numerous, and you can get new ideas by searching Pinterest for ‘yard art’.

8) Plant Climate-Specific Grass 

Consider which type of grass grows naturally in your region. Planting a type of grass that is accustomed to local weather conditions makes it low maintenance, meaning it won’t need much water, fertilizer or care.

9) Incorporate Pots 

One way to make landscaping less demanding is to use pots. Because they’re easy to move around, they can add visual interest to the overall space. You can also coordinate their colours with your flowers to make a colourful statement.

10) Consider Artificial Grass 

If you have pets, especially dogs, you probably know that they’re not exactly a match made in heaven when it comes to having a neat lawn. Your best move is to switch to artificial grass as it requires zero upkeep – no watering, fertilizer or mowing.

11) Create More Outdoor Living Space  

Less lawn means less lawn work. There are many options to enhance your outdoor living area, such as creating a well-curated space to entertain your guests. Think a stone patio with a grilling area or an alfresco kitchen.


Many people find gardening relaxing. But lawn maintenance? That’s a more daunting task. Chores and kids can make it difficult to make that number one on your to-do list. To make your lawn beautiful without breaking your back, incorporate some of the creative ideas outlined above, starting with an automatic irrigation system. Contact our landscaping experts for a free estimate.